Welcome to YouTube

After going live on YouTube for the first time, I got this message welcoming me to the world of Youtube creators. I was now officially a YouTuber!

I plan to inform my fellow students about my recent journey of becoming a YouTuber. 

My journey started out as any other viewer on the YouTube platform, searching for informal videos, music videos and how to do-it-yourself videos.

On the memorable day of July 28, 2016, I was playing a Playstation 4 game called “Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5)” with a few of my friends. One of my buddies suggested an idea to me that would forever change my life. He said that I should start a YouTube channel.

He pointed out that I have more knowledge of the game than any of us within and without our friends list. He told me I could make benefits and profits from YouTube by uploading my “GTA5” gameplay to the platform.

I thought this was a great idea.

I started to do my own research on the YouTube platform about how to become a YouTuber and how to start making profits on their platform. I learned from my research that I needed the proper equipment and needed to gain an audience of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time to my own channel to earn any special dividends.

My first thought was ‘How in the world am I to build an audience of that size and get that many people to watch my channel?’

I remembered a book that I had read written by Napoleon Hill called, “Think and Grow Rich.” This was the book that taught me to give something to receive a thing of equal value that I desired. That nothing is given without something being given in return.

I knew that I was an original player (OG) that started within the early days of “GTA5” back in 2013 upon the release date. I could teach newbie players (noobs) on how to become an OG. I notice that my buddy was right, I do have the expertise that I would even pay for to use within our gameplay.

After doing some more research, I learned that I already had some of the proper equipment to start a YouTube channel like a Playstation 4, a television and a phone.

While I thought that was all I needed was to upload a video. I quickly learned that I needed to fill out some paperwork.

I had to sign up for the YouTube partner program (YPP). Submit my identification card (ID) and give them my Social Security Number (SSN). There is an age requirement to be at least 18 years of age.

Then I waited patiently for a response to see if I am eligible for the YPP. While I waited for a response. I tried to upload a video to YouTube. But it said I had to wait at least 24 hours before uploading a video.

YouTube was making me become a patient, adaptive person and I did not even realize it at first. Once I was notified by the YPP, they let me know that I was accepted, but now I had to sign up for the Google AdSense Program (GAP).

The GAP required a banking account and routing number for me to become eligible for their program. This was to ensure if I earned any special dividends I could be properly compensated.  

I also had to go to the DMV (also known as Division of Motor Vehicles) to get an ID, go to the Social Security Administration Office to get my social security number and go to the bank to create an account.

It was admittedly a bit tedious and overwhelming journey, but I followed through to its happy conclusion.

I had become a real YouTuber!

Since making this journey, I have really enjoyed becoming a YouTuber. My buddies and I have fun making content and going back to rewatch our past uploads and call each other out on points we would like to make to each other.

I really love to entertain my subscribers and they entertain me too by coming and spending their time and money with me. I enjoy our conversations and appreciate them being there for me when I need someone to talk to. There is always a subscriber around to talk to me when I go live.

Because of YouTube, I have a second income and I'm becoming financially stable and able to buy the things that I need for me and my family.

Becoming a YouTuber has been a great experience and an awesome opportunity for me. I believe that anyone that truly has the ambition to become a YouTuber will find that the subscribers are great and while there are always some bad viewers, it's worth the trip.

It’s an awesome experience.