Let’s Go Skydiving!

The first time I decided to go skydiving, I needed to feel something bigger and gain a new perspective and outlook on life.

When I got to the Skydive Orange Skies skydiving outfit located in Fort Morgan off State Highway 52, the only thing I could see was an open field with a big stable-like building. The staff said to come an hour earlier to make sure I was eligible to jump by getting weighed. I also needed to fill out paperwork and sign a waiver.

After filling out the paperwork, I had time to sit and watch as the group before mine started to float down. At first no one could see them, but a staff member told me those birds flying were skydivers. They were just up so high.

That's when it really hit me, I was next.

Once that group landed the instructor came up to me, handed me goggles, and went over a brief demonstration of what to expect during a tandem skydiving jump. This is where two people are strapped together during the entire skydiving descent. Pretty common for instructors and first timers like myself.

Our group loaded quickly on the plane. My instructor and I were the first ones on, so we’d be the last ones to jump.

I was getting anxious. My instructor and I weren’t going to be connected until the halfway point to the skydiving jump spot. And after passing through the clouds, we were still not connected.

At the jump spot, I learned that the plane was at an altitude of 14,000 feet. One by one people started jumping out of the open door. All I could hear was the plane and wind.

When it was our turn, we squatted at the door of the plane. We got to the edge, and I knew at any moment he was going to jump. It got oddly completely quiet where I couldn't even hear myself think.

It was silent for 10 seconds, and then we jumped.

When we fell out of the plane, we were falling around 120mph for about 60 seconds. Then my instructor who was tightly tethered to me pulled the cord to release our parachute. He tapped my shoulders twice signaling me to shift into the spread-out starfish position known in skydiving.

Once in position, the parachute opened, and we were thrown into the sky like a football.

After that I just floated. I can't even begin to express the feeling. It was just pure revitalizing joy. I couldn’t see any people, or buildings or anything small, and suddenly all of those big things don't seem so big.

Usually, after a few minutes of floating, you're supposed to put your feet up like you're sitting with your feet out.  Then you get tapped twice on the shoulders to prompt you to start running, so you won't crash into the ground.

But because I'm so short my instructor told me I could just continue to float there for a little while longer.

I absolutely loved skydiving. It changed my outlook on life. I think everyone should go skydiving at least once in their life.