Street Fighter

Two million dollars is a crazy amount of money to win playing a video game!

Capcom Studios, the video game company that developed the video game Street Fighter, has put together a 2-million-dollar prize pool for the upcoming 2023 Capcom Cup X video game tournament this February.

This is a big deal- it is the largest prize pool any gaming event has ever received. The largest cash prize for a major event in gaming was a tournament held in the Dominican Republic for $300,000 dollars.

Since 1987, the popular martial arts, arcade-style video game is known to having shaken up usual the videogame formula up with every game Capcom produces. And not to mention, Street Fighter franchise is very accepting of people from all walks of life. The videogame was one of the first franchise to include characters from over twelve regions of the world. The franchise has a unique influence within the videogame world and pop culture.

The news of the tournament is huge for all fans of Street Fighter in the Denver area. Many students around the Denver campus (myself included), have already decided to participate. The opportunity to play these games more openly with a wider audience will be great for people from all over to connect with each other.

Because Street Fighter is no stranger to embracing all peoples, the tournament itself reflects that as this will be Street Fighters first even open entrance tournament. Therefore, anyone can enter, no matter what age, race, gender or ethnicity they are.

Many e-gamers in the Denver area are going to try their best to enter and win as many rounds as they can so they can take home the cash for themselves. And while it is unlikely that any of them will win the grand prize, it is almost certain that the Denver area will be seeing a lot more gaming content and events in the near future. 

Participants will play the newest installment of the series, Street Fighter 6, which is to be released this June. It is also worth adding that Street Fighter 6 will be the most accessible franchise in over a decade, meaning the price will be affordable to everyone interested in obtaining it.

The characters in Street Fighter are well known. Guile is the hot-headed and charismatic soldier from America, Dhalsim is the calm and collected monk from India. Chun-Li is the Chinese kickboxer who is one of the most iconic fictional women of color. Poison is the first transgendered character to appear in gaming history.

Capcom Studios is interested in expanding e-Sports gaming worldwide and to help it to be more mainstream. They are working on hosting major tournaments in California, New York, Colorado, Texas, and Florida.

Is there anyone betting on me to win two million dollars?!